Speaker profile: Professor Peter Gregg

Professor Peter Gregg

Peter is an agricultural entomologist and insect ecologist, with broad interests in the ecology of migratory pests, behavioural manipulation and other novel pest management technologies, management of resistance in insects to transgenic insect-resistant crops, biological control and other alternatives to pesticides and integrated pest management.  He led the group which, in 2009, registered the first plant volatile based attract-and-kill technology in the world, which has since been commercialised by AgBiTech Pty Ltd.  This product is now being used in resistance management for transgenic cotton in Australia, and is being developed for several overseas pests.

Together with a long term colleague he founded EcoKimiko IPM Pty Ltd in 2010.  EcoKimiko has developed and is marketing pheromones for green mirids, which are being used to monitor this pest in cotton, in conjunction with remotely accessed smart traps marketed by Adama Australia.  Peter’s current research centres on semiochemical approaches to preventing insecticide poisoning of honey bees.

Peter was formerly a Professor of Crop Protection at the University of New England, and served as Chief Scientist of the Cotton Catchment Communities CRC.  He is the author of about 300 publications in the scientific literature.

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