Speaker profile: Fiona Simson

Fiona Simson
National Farmers’ Federation

Fiona Simson was elected President of the National Farmers’ Federation in November 2016. Fiona also sits on the Board of NRMA (NSW), the Australian Made Campaign Ltd, AgStewardship Australia and the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund.

Fiona Simson is a farmer from the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales where she, husband Ed and family run a mixed farming enterprise including broad acre farming and breeding commercial poll Hereford cattle.

With tertiary qualifications in business and education, Fiona’s passion for local food production and the growth and sustainability of rural and regional Australia led to a career in local government as an elected Councillor in Liverpool Plains Shire Council and an elected representative of NSW Farmers’ Association. In 2011, she became the first woman President of the Association retaining that position for a full four year term.

Passionate about the power of a unified voice for agriculture, Fiona also believes in its role in a strong and vibrant future for regional Australia.

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