Speaker profile: Chris Lee-Steere

Chris Lee-Steere
Australian Environment Agency Pty Ltd

Chris is the director of Australian Environment Agency Pty Ltd. For over 25 years, Chris has been involved in the agricultural/veterinary and industrial regulatory industry in Australia, primarily in the field of environmental risk assessment.

Chris worked for eight years with the Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE) undertaking the environmental risk assessments for agricultural, veterinary and industrial chemicals submitted to the relevant regulators for registration/approval.  For several years, Chris managed the Chemical Assessment Section within DoEE and provided input to NICNAS and the APVMA on environmental technical and policy issues.

Since leaving the Department, Chris has been working as a consultant in this field undertaking the Governments environmental assessments for the APVMA and New Zealand EPA on a sub-contracting basis and assisting industry with their regulatory submissions in Australia and New Zealand.

Chris has been actively involved in a technical capacity on several national and international programs relating to environmental risk assessment of chemicals. For several years, Chris has been improving modelling capacity for refining exposure estimates in receiving water, and developing regulatory risk assessment software tools for application in Australia and New Zealand to improve efficiency and consistency in environmental and human health risk assessments.

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