Speaker profile: Dr. Andrew Monk

Dr. Andrew Monk
Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw)

Dr. Andrew Monk is an Adjunct Associate Professor for the Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law (AgLaw), within the School of Law at the University of New England.

Andrew is also the Chairman of and investor in ASX-listed agrifood company Murray River Organics Group Ltd (MRG:ASX); pharmaceutical sector company Xerion Ltd; energy sector company Enervest Pty Ltd; while also owning an organics/green waste resources sector business. Andrew has two decades of experience in organic industry auditing, standards and regulations, with commercial experience across:

  • The organic supply chain;

  • Waste management;

  • Horticulture; and

  • Value adding.

He has professional training in environmental, food safety, quality and organic auditing systems.

Andrew has served in roles as CEO of Biological Farmers of Australia Ltd, and subsequently as Chairman of Australian Organic Ltd (owner of the Australian Certified Organic branding for organic products), while playing active roles in national and international technical standards and regulatory forums.

In his industry services roles, Andrew also instigated the now well established, industry co-funded biennial Australian Organic Market Report (managed by University of New England-based researchers) in 2008, along with other collaborative research projects in the organic and horticulture sectors.

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