Presentations 2023 Feb 9 Morning

Thursday February 9 2023

Registration Management
Hugh Dawick, Director Pesticides APVMA

Global joint reviews: An initiative by the APVMA for veterinary medicinal products
Manish Jhamb, Risk Manager, Veterinary Medicines, Registration Management APVMA

APVMA approval of permits in emergency situations
Nisha Sharma, Senior Risk Manager, Permits, Registration Management, APVMA

Spray drift
Gary Dorr, Acting Director, Pesticides, APVMA

Emerging Technology: Drones
Anahita Mizani, Senior Risk Manager, Pesticide team, APVMA

Chemistry assessment (and other interesting species)
Sam Margerison, Director, Chemistry and Manufacture, APVMA

Biopesticides: Regulatory considerations of efficacy
Mizanur Rahman, Senior Evaluator, Efficacy & Safety Team, APVMA

Chemical review
Gaye Weller, Director, Chemical Review, APVMA

Assessment, Investigations and Monitoring
Darren Conabeer, A/Director, Assessment, Investigations and Monitoring, APVMA

New technology: Australian world firsts, it takes a city

The farmers
Bill and Fiona Aveyard

Regulatory Affairs and Stewardship
Jonathan Holloway PhD, Syngenta

High resolution aerial image acquisition and analysis
Frank D’Emden, AgTech Manager, Living Farm Pty Ltd